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Big River Records is the brain child of recording and music enthusiasts Brad Kinder and Ben Coll, of The Yetti. Both are dedicated to providing the highest quality audio production services while working toward the advancement of the music scene throughout West Virginia.

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-Mobile recording

-Voiceover/speech recording

-DJing and live sound



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$300 for an eight hour one-day block

$525 for two eight-hour two-day blocks

Payment of ½ of full booked studio time is due at beginning of session, and remaining balance is due at session end.

Weekday evenings and full weekend days are typical recording hours.  We will do our best to work around your schedule.

From the ashes of the Rabble Rousers, one of the most legendary hip-hop groups in West Virginia rose the Dinosaur Burps.

Consisting of B. Rude and Vivid Hues on the mic, and DJ Sour Sqweazle on the 1 (not 1’s and 2’s, the 1), the Burps are one of the hardest touring and hardest partying groups in the state, and perhaps the stratosphere. They were both members of the thrash punk band ‘Mario Van Peeballs’ and the George Thorogood and the Destroyers cover band ‘Jorge Thorohood and the Breakers of Stuff.’ As the legend goes, they have been asked to leave, but then let back in the next day at the same bar a total of 836 consecutive days in a row, and invented the words “shit” and “fuck.” They once skunked Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine 11-0 in a table tennis championship game, but since skunking is not an official rule they actually went on to beat them 21-0. Inspired by the Canadian duo the Queef Sisters, they are occasionally joined by Mic Rude and L-NO to form the Dinosaur Queefs, and in this incarnation once broke a good friend out of prison using nothing but a laser pointer and a rogue circus elephant. It is also common knowledge amongst the hill people that 80-90% of things attributed to Chuck Norris or that guy from the Dos Equis commercials were in fact done by the Dinosaur Burps. Everyone’s biting their shit.


The Boatmen

The Boatmen are from the heart of the two Virginias. Easily viewed as bluegrass, rock-grass or a new-grass outfit; The Boatmen fall better into Americana Soulgrass. With diverse instrumentation and the right blend of soaring harmony over top of moonshine anthems, they have created a niche all their own. Into their third year and second album the group has continually expanded its horizons through a non-stop tour schedule and constant support from their close knit fanbase.

Fueled by the phenomenal talents of lead player Randy Gilkey and percussionist Robert Gross; the elite heart-felt songwriting duo of Matt Mullins and Nick Durm round out the current roster of The Boatmen. What started out as a side project in 2009 has now turned into the most successful full-time group for each member’s career.
Crossing genres and sharing the stage with acts like Larry Keel & Natural Bridge, YARN, Tim Reynolds, Ekoostik Hookah and Perpetual Groove to name a few. Sunny Ledfurd, a touring troubadour, stated “These guys appeal to everyone, no matter who you are a fan of musically from Tupac to Willie…Its just great music”. The group has also been invited to play festivals such as Floydfest X, Camp Barefoot, Elysian Fields, Pink Moon and MPMF.


Vern’s Pot O’ Chili

Formed in 2001 in the great state of West Virginia, Vern’s Pot O’ Chili has since become one of the states leading live acts. The band has performed in every major city in the state and has also made appearances at several festivals and state wide events including the Snowshoe Home Grown Music Festival, Fire on the Mountain Chili Cook-off, Pete Dye Classic (PGA Amateur Tour event), Old Timers Reunion Party, Culturefest, Annual Ridge Stock Festival, Annual WVU Sierra Swing Fundraiser, Annual West Virginia Wiffleball Tournament, Carnegie Hall Benefit Concert (Lewisburg, WV), and the Woodstock Reunion Party. VPOC also regularly performs at several of West Virginia’s top music venues.

Vern’s Pot O’ Chili has an extremely unique mixture of sounds ranging from reggae to bluegrass to hip-hop and funk which has proven time and time again to entice a crowd for the duration of their performances. The band comprises its set lists of mostly original songs, but influences include the styles of Toots and the Maytals, Galactic, Rasta Rafiki, Parliament Funkadelic, The Roots, Bill Withers, and Johnny Cash.


They’re Fabulous, They’re Brothers, They’re Better than The Wayans.
They play fast, rowdy Hillbilly music. They have a Washboard player that has a fantastic beard. They have a great record. They can make you feel good.Country, rockabilly, bluegrass, or “Appalachian punk grass” can all describe the music, but why try to classify it as one or the other, just sit back and enjoy another tune from The Fabulous Brothers Steele and forget about labels all together.


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Can you record my live performance outside of the studio?

Yes, and we do this quite frequently.  All sound is recorded through a Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2 16-channel mixer and then mixed later in-studio.  In addition to the live performance capture, we can also provide live sound for you and your band.

What are normal studio operating hours?

Typical hours are weekday evenings and all day on the weekends.  Louder instruments such as drums and guitar amplifiers are not recorded past 9 p.m., out of respect for the surrounding residential neighborhood.

Can the studio provide additional musicians for my project?

Yes. Brad is an experienced drummer and Ben is an experienced guitarist.  We also have a large network of some of the best musicians in the state of West Virginia who can play on your project.

How much do you charge?

Please see our “Pricing” page here on the site.  Feel free to contact us (link) with any further inquiries.

Do i need to bring my own instruments?

We want you to feel most comfortable when performing.  We suggest you bring your own instrument, but we also can provide drums for a fee.  Contact us (link) if you are interested in using our selection of drum kits.

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